Ingrid Skeels

I think children need the freedom to be creative in learning and in play in order to benefit most from both and become their best selves.

I had a wild, free-range childhood in Nottingham and Wales and attended an experimental state primary school. I’ve tried to give my own children (11 + 14) some of those experiences. In my professional life, I work with award winning projects that develop and promote the importance of creative learning and free, natural play for children  I was involved with my children’s primary school and am now a Trustee at their secondary school.  We have recently become a Co-operative Learning Trust.  This means we – pupils, parents, teachers and the community – own the local schools and can work together to shape their future.

I love stories – reading them, writing them, telling them.  From early childhood and throughout our lives, I believe they have a unique power to change the way we think and feel.

All of these things have made me want to write this story and share it with you.

I have had published academic papers and articles in The Guardian and my work involves writing for many different audiences. This is my first novel.