Ingrid Skeels talks about Wild School Story on BBC Radio 4’s Open Country with Helen Mark

“Presenter Helen Mark heads to the edge of Bristol where a council-managed forest at Ashton Court provides an escape for city-dwellers. She joins a group of friends to see how the wild space inspires them and if it can rival their computers and meets author Ingrid Skeels whose own alternative education led her to create her children’s book, St Cuthbert’s Wild School for Boys.”

10 thoughts on “Ingrid Skeels talks about Wild School Story on BBC Radio 4’s Open Country with Helen Mark

  1. Ingrid,

    I have been reading your book “St Cuthbert’s Wild School For Boys to my nine year old son. We are both really enjoying it.

    Can you remember me form when we were teenagers. You, me & Liz ? Happy memories.


    • Margarou! Of course I remember! I will email.
      Thank you for reading my book and I am so glad you are enjoying it. Let me know what you/he thinks at the end if you want to – the good and the not so good (here or by email). I value all feedback so much. I wonder how you got hold of it?

  2. I`ve read your blog now, Ingrid and listened to the Radio 4 Programme. So glad you have followed up the ideas we tried at Edwalton all those years ago. I`m sure Joe and Eve and all the other children will grow up inspired by all you are doing for them. Well done!

    • Thank you Mr Ball! I’ve now been back to see you and all the Edwalton teachers from when I was there. I will write something about this because it was so important. And yes, Edwalton lives on in all our children! Thanks to you all…

  3. Hi Ingrid, not sure if you will remember me,but I have often thought of you over the years.I always thought you would be a writer.Really pleased that you are doing something you love.
    Rachel Francois (Waldron) xx

    • Of COURSE I remember you Rachel! Our days of school and play. Thank you for getting in touch. I will email you separately. Love Ingrid

  4. How utterly surreal to hear your voice again, Ingrid. UEA seems eons ago! Interesting interview – good luck with the book.

    (Scottish) Dave.

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